A low-down: The Facebook Gift Card

Just a quick post today – about the new Facebook Gift Card that’s soon to be launched by the social media giant.

What does this card mean? Well, essentially, it means you’ll now be able to gift people online through Facebook – purchasing a “voucher” amount for them, which they’ll get notified about immediately after purchase. Once they’ve been told about the gift card (and your generosity!) a little facebook card will be posted to their address for them to use.

Facebook Gift Card

When people gift them in the future, instead of sending out new cards, the credit will be automatically loaded onto the one they already have. Which makes the experience an easy one, an accessible one and a really nice step forward for the social network too.

It’s really smart actually – it’s an exciting way to increase the social side of Facebook, and it gives friends and family who live far apart, a local and personal way to connect. What makes it personal? Well, you can send a message alongside your gift, as well as choosing the precise retailer you want the voucher to be for.

Facebook Gifts


So what do you think? Would you consider buying a friend a birthday or christmas gift using this new Facebook system? Or do you prefer the old-fashion gift giving process? Let us know!




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2 Responses to “A low-down: The Facebook Gift Card”

  1. OwainPJ February 4, 2013 11:19 am #

    Interesting to note the Discover payment logo which means, I guess, that this will only work within the USA (unsurprising for FB at least to start with).

    Key issue will be around which international payment provider FB will use to roll this out of US – MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, ….. ?

    The difficult thing will be taking the payment from online into the real world, or will it only ever be for use for online purchases ? (restricting it to online only would make sense for FB but not necessarily make it the best proposition for consumers)

    Restricting certain amounts within the card (given it is a multiple use card) to particular retailers is going to be a challenge for the back office systems of retailers and the payment provider (initially Discover by the look of it).

    As a concept it’s a great idea but the devil is in the detail (isn’t it always) of how it will be implemented which may significantly curtail the actual consumer proposition

    • Ben Brougham February 4, 2013 12:46 pm #


      Yes – for the time being the card will only work in the US – and they only have US retailers on board so far (Target, Olive Garden, Jamba Juice and Sephora – actually, they are French, but still big in the US). As far as I know they haven’t yet talked about who their international payment provider might be.

      It’s not overly clear about where the card will be accepted in terms of online vs. offline. Apparently, Target will only accept it in-store, whereas Sephora will accept it online and in-store. I assume that as Olive Garden and Jamba Juice are restaurants / cafes that these will be accepted in-store. So, the retailers must have worked out a way to get round the challenge of multiple retailer credits on one card somehow.

      Totally agree with you that the devil will be in the detail and we will be interested to see what the take up is on this in the US. If more and more retailers come on board, it will be an interesting challenge to Amazon’s gift card – offering brand-led, rather than product-led, online gifts from multiple retailers.

      Watch this space!

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