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The challenges and rewards of responsive design

A lot rides on the design of a website. First impressions mean everything and the first quick glance of your website can determine whether a customer is interested or not and so whether or not they might invest money in your product, sign up for a newsletter, or respond the way in which you want [...]

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Social Media for Corporate Clients: Making it Work

Many would argue that social media is not a place for corporate brands; after all, traditionally, social media has been a place for people to be causal, and to interact outside of working hours. And yet, with the rise of social media marketing – we’re not one to miss a trick. And let’s face it [...]

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Things You Should Know as a WordPress Newbie

WordPress is an awesome CMS and we’re always encouraging clients to embrace it. As a blogging platform and a content management system, you couldn’t really ask for much more – WordPress (unlike some of it’s rival blogging platforms) offers you lots of flexibility, creativity and many professional features too – for in the future when you want [...]

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Facebook Graph Search - Gift Card

A low-down: The Facebook Gift Card

Just a quick post today – about the new Facebook Gift Card that’s soon to be launched by the social media giant. What does this card mean? Well, essentially, it means you’ll now be able to gift people online through Facebook – purchasing a “voucher” amount for them, which they’ll get notified about immediately after [...]

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Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search – Fresh Step Forward in Social

We like to keep on top of things at Electric Dialogue – so when I heard this morning that Facebook had rolled out an introduction to it’s new “Facebook Graph Search” feature I was really excited to share the news. This is something long overdue and something which modern social media is begging for – [...]

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How to be a More Professional Blogger

Since moving to New Zealand (to work remotely for a while) I’ve been developing my blogging skills more and more by the second. It’s a great skill and (I hate to use the word) hobby to have – and it’s almost like an on-going project which, when you’re doing it right, you can hugely benefit [...]

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Thomas Cook Facebook

Facebook Contests: How It can Benefit Your Brand

Creating a successful and engaging Facebook page can be a feat in itself, for those of you who have set accounts up from scratch and watch as your followers slowly crawl up… you’ll understand. There’s more to it though than just collecting a range of fans and likes. Managing the account and keeping users invested [...]

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Clever Branded Facebook Cover Photos…

Sometimes getting users engaged with your brand isn’t just “likes” and “shares”. Getting them engaged could be something as simple as making them smile the moment they enter your website or click on your Facebook page – leaving them with a positive imprint of your brand. One thing I’ve noticed a lot of recently has [...]

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Another Infographic Monday!

It’s Monday – which means it is Infographic Monday time! Now, it’s a been a busy day in the office today (I’ve been frantically trying to find a nice “header” for our twitter profile – but it’s harder than it looks) – So there are only two infographics in this weeks post. The first is [...]

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Infographic Monday – Week 3

It’s week three of Infographic Monday – and this week I’ve chosen something that Ben will deifnitely approve of! One about the English Language! 1.  English Matters Infographic Browse more data visualization.   2.  Web Design Infographic And as our second infographic for the day…. Here is a pretty awesome one about the perils of [...]

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