Affiliate Monologue

Exploring Affiliate Business models (Part1)

Super Affiliates In my last blog I mentioned how affiliate marketing is often thought of as a channel whereas, in reality, it is actually a model that encompasses many different channels and types of affiliates. The one similarity between the vast majority of affiliates is that they work on a CPA or pay-on-results payment model [...]

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Digital & Sport | the Profession and the Passion

I am, unashamedly, a sports fan. Everything – well nearly everything – about the multi-trillion dollar global business enthrals me, and I’m not alone. Millions of others around the world can’t get enough of the 24/7 news circus that is modern sport. I know everyone likes a video, so below is a little taster that [...]

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So…. Affiliate Marketing….. What’s that then? At Electric Dialogue, our clients often ask us “so, what is this affiliate marketing exactly? (I’ve heard it’s a channel that’s a bit more risk free than some of the others….”) We’re getting pretty good at explaining how the affiliate industry works so we thought, it can’t just be [...]

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Not Provided

Keyword Not Provided & What We Are Doing About It.

Yesterday we were hit by an expected but, nevertheless, fairly substantial and disappointing development in terms of the data we are given by Google. It would appear that soon we will no longer by able to see keyword referral data for Google organic traffic. Keyword (not provided) in Analytics is expected to grow to 100% [...]

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Ferrari Crash

social media law: 7 things you probably didn’t know

Imagine Social Media as brand new motorway, allowing tons of traffic to travel in both directions at high speed: Exciting. Now imagine that only a small percentage of those using it had actually learnt the rules of the road. Suddenly that motorway seems a bit… Terrifying. Any organisation that’s surviving (and thriving) today is bound [...]

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