Online Marketing

Content Executive Job London

Job: Search Marketing (SEO & Content) Manager

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic search marketing expert to join our vibrant, London-based digital agency. The successful applicant will have the opportunity to progress their career in an environment where they will be encouraged to develop and implement their own ideas, in line with the goals of the agency and our clients. [...]

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So…. Affiliate Marketing….. What’s that then? At Electric Dialogue, our clients often ask us “so, what is this affiliate marketing exactly? (I’ve heard it’s a channel that’s a bit more risk free than some of the others….”) We’re getting pretty good at explaining how the affiliate industry works so we thought, it can’t just be [...]

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How Valuable are NoFollow Links? | The Experts

A large amount of what I do at Electric Dialogue revolves around link building. So I suppose it is only natural that I’d be interested in nofollow links and their potential value to my work. During my own research I thought that approaching a handful of people (who I knew to be experts within the [...]

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SEO 2013 Racoon

Now The Dust Has Settled – SEO Predictions for 2013

It’s fair to say that 2012 was a year of seismic changes in the SEO world.  Following the original Panda update in 2011, which primarily targeted poor quality websites and spammy on-page factors, it seemed likely that 2012 would be the year that Google finally started to identify and eradicate link spam more effectively.  And [...]

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Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search – Fresh Step Forward in Social

We like to keep on top of things at Electric Dialogue – so when I heard this morning that Facebook had rolled out an introduction to it’s new “Facebook Graph Search” feature I was really excited to share the news. This is something long overdue and something which modern social media is begging for – [...]

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Adwords Accreditation

The Road to Adwords Accreditation glory

Adwords is a fantastic tool – it allows both clients and SEO companies to get the most bang for their buck by providing a platform to launch effective advertising campaigns online. The keywords tool enables us to analyse what people are searching for, how often and from where. We can also accurately monitor conversions and [...]

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#BrightonSEO My Write-Up

So (very) early on Friday morning last week, I set off to go watch Brighton SEO – my first proper SEO conference – and it was free too (hurrah) which is always a nice bonus. From what I have heard, BrightonSEO started off as a small gathering in a local pub – but has turned [...]

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The importance of Blog Design Vs Blog Content

A lot of emphasis has been put on content recently – especially in the context of online marketing and building a successful marketing campaign. And as important as content is, there still lies a lot of importance in your actual web design and functionality. At Electric Dialogue – we dabble with all things online and [...]

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Grandparents – the true geniuses of marketing online

An interesting thought right, but what exactly do I mean? Well in short our technology infused lives have shown us one thing; we are now living in a one-to-many society which, in many ways is great! We can post a cutesy video of a cat onto our Facebook wall and have all our friends see [...]

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The power of bad press

Ever heard the saying “bad news travels fast” ?  Well I’m starting to think this is the saying that lots of PR and Publicity firms are starting to live by. When was the last time a celebrity got huge amounts of publicity, simply because they’d done something nice? When was the last time a footballer made [...]

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