Infographic Monday – History Week

Ellie’s winging her way to New Zealand as we speak, so it’s over to me this week for Infographic Monday. The link this week is history – we have a history of photo sharing and a historical look at some of the ideas that have been born on the back of napkins!  Do feel free to give us any ideas in the comments section below on other “themes” you’d like to see from us and we will get researching for you.


1. The History of Photo Sharing Infographic:

This is a great run-down of photo sharing has changed over the last 3 decades. Of course, prior to the 1980s, there was the good old postal system – unfortunatley, I am old enough to remember those days.. The only photo sharing app that it misses out is one of my personal favourites – Hipstamatic!  Perhaps they’ll include that next time round?


The History Of Photo Sharing

2.  Born on the back of a napkin Infographic:

This intrigued me, mainly because this is something I do regularly.  I have heaps of scribbled notes and ideas on napkins, paper and of course these days on my iPhone (courtesy of notes and Evernote!). I am not sure that I’d be scribbling my divorce settlement on the back of a napkin though!

Born on the Back of a Napkin


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