seo services

SEO is a bit of an art, but fortunately we have an artistic team. We don’t like to commoditise what we do, like many agencies, but our approach to building SEO campaigns is the same as everywhere else – listen first, understand and then deliver the best.
  • SEO

    The first entry point online for many is search, which makes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) crucial to your online marketing campaign. As with building your strategy and your website, our first step is to listen to you, to understand the market and to research the competitive landscape. Following that, we conduct detailed website reviews, develop keyword strategies, build links, ensure integration with your website and with your social media and then monitor your brand’s success and your search listings using analytics services.

    There has been a lot of press about unethical SEO techniques, such as embedding hidden keywords. We commit to working according to strict best-practice W3C guidelines as well as those issued by Google, Yahoo and MSN to ensure a squeaky clean approach to your SEO.

  • Advertising and PPC

    To get quicker results we can build and implement an online advertising and pay per click (PPC) campaign. We’ll research and develop a keyword strategy for you, we will work with you to build or optimise appropriate landing pages and execute a targeted campaign designed to deliver your customers to your website, across a range of search engines. We’ll create adverts and rich media adverts on your behalf and build display advertising campaigns for you based around our initial research and your own target market.Electric Dialogue AdWords Partner Badge

  • Online Marketing

    To complement our SEO, we can offer a whole range of other search engine and online marketing services including: building affiliate marketing programmes; mobile marketing; RSS feeds; html email marketing; ad design and copywriting; rich media ad creation, podcasts, video and 3D.