social media

Social Media can be a bit of a minefield for companies. What we aim to do is help people get the best out of it, to hold our clients hands to and to work with them to build dialogue with their customers. What we don’t do, though, is do it all for them – we believe that our clients are the ones that should manage the relationships with their clients, not us.
  • social media

    Social media, as part of your marketing mix, is an important part of building engagement, generating dialogue between you and your customers and a critical part of your SEO. Integrating it properly with your other online activities is crucial. We will work with you to build your social media presence across a range of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Delicious, Wikipedia etc.), to build breadth and trust with your customers, to manage and monitor the dialogue you have with them and to ensure that you are using your social media presence to drive people to your website and ultimately increase sales.

  • online and social media law and ethics

    Our Online and Social Media Law and Ethics training is run by an accredited journalist and highlights the key legal considerations for any business with a website or official social media account. It covers the basics of media law essential to anyone with an online profile and explores significant and ongoing case studies hitting the headlines recently. With an understanding of UK media law, you can effectively safeguard your business against the risks of civil action or criminal prosecution because of something posted online.