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Social Media for Corporate Clients: Making it Work

Many would argue that social media is not a place for corporate brands; after all, traditionally, social media has been a place for people to be causal, and to interact outside of working hours. And yet, with the rise of social media marketing – we’re not one to miss a trick. And let’s face it [...]

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Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search – Fresh Step Forward in Social

We like to keep on top of things at Electric Dialogue – so when I heard this morning that Facebook had rolled out an introduction to it’s new “Facebook Graph Search” feature I was really excited to share the news. This is something long overdue and something which modern social media is begging for – [...]

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Clever Branded Facebook Cover Photos…

Sometimes getting users engaged with your brand isn’t just “likes” and “shares”. Getting them engaged could be something as simple as making them smile the moment they enter your website or click on your Facebook page – leaving them with a positive imprint of your brand. One thing I’ve noticed a lot of recently has [...]

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How to be likeable online.

After participating in the #likeablechat last night which was hosted by the NYC social media agency Likeable – I wanted to create a post on some great likeable brands out there – and some simple ways your own business can become more likeable using social media and online networking. Sometimes we get lost in the [...]

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Social Media Marketing: Finding the right Strategy

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are great places to start when you first begin dipping your toes into the world of business and social media marketing. There are of course big benefits to be had (we hear all about them in the news and online) and that’s probably why you’re reading this article. Maybe you [...]

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