Just a quick post today – about the new Facebook Gift Card that’s soon to be launched by the social media giant.

What does this card mean? Well, essentially, it means you’ll now be able to gift people online through Facebook – purchasing a “voucher” amount for them, which they’ll get notified about immediately after purchase. Once they’ve been told about the gift card (and your generosity!) a little facebook card will be posted to their address for them to use.

Facebook Gift Card

When people gift them in the future, instead of sending out new cards, the credit will be automatically loaded onto the one they already have. Which makes the experience an easy one, an accessible one and a really nice step forward for the social network too.

It’s really smart actually – it’s an exciting way to increase the social side of Facebook, and it gives friends and family who live far apart, a local and personal way to connect. What makes it personal? Well, you can send a message alongside your gift, as well as choosing the precise retailer you want the voucher to be for.

Facebook Gifts


So what do you think? Would you consider buying a friend a birthday or christmas gift using this new Facebook system? Or do you prefer the old-fashion gift giving process? Let us know!