You know the feeling, you’ve looked at something online, thought about buying it but not quite pushed the order button.  A little later, you’re online again and it pops up. This time you place the order.   Spooky? A little. Persuasive? Very….

Remarketing ads are now crucial for an effective online marketing strategy. It makes sense to ensure you are front of mind with customers who have already shown interest in your product.  Around 75% of all online shoppers abandon their basket first time around. For holiday browsing, this is closer to 80%* – a huge amount of lost revenue.

The good news is that remarketing works. Whether you go back to those potential customers with an email, a Google Display Ad or appear in front of them again on Social Media, with retargeting, 26% of visitors return and make a purchase. Without remarketing, you’re lucky if 8% come back.

Remarketing options are not just for online shops. Ads can be set up to appear to people who have visited certain pages of your website, engaged with you on Social Media, spent a certain amount of time on your site or signed up for your emails.

Almost every digital marketing channel now offers remarketing ads.  Our clients use:


  • Google Display Ads


  • Facebook Ads


  • Instagram Ads


  • Pinterest Ads


  • Snapchat Ads


  • Abandoned cart emails


The best campaign often works across several channels.

Still in the “it’s a bit stalker-ish” camp? We all know when to give up on trying to get someone to come on a date with us, and remarketing is no different.  Campaigns can be set to only appear within a given period, a set number of times, or on selected channels. We can help you work out the best settings for your customers.

In most cases, existing and returning customers are the most valuable to marketers. They should know your brand better and inherently trust you more as a result, especially if they’ve already been satisfied by the goods or the services that you provide. Remarketing can be a great tool to help you to convert passing visitors into regular customers.

Experimenting with online marketing can be tricky and it’s easy to spend a lot of time going back and forth about how your ad looks or what content you feature in it. The reality is however, the most important factor in the success of any campaigns you run will likely be the targeting. It doesn’t matter if you’ve created the best ad in the world, if it’s continually reaching the wrong people it will never achieve its full potential.

While targeting interests, age groups, job titles etc. has its merits, these categories will nonetheless still deliver ‘cold’ leads. Though they might have an interest in your product or service, they don’t yet have any brand loyalty or reason to trust your brand over anyone else. That’s where remarketing comes in, campaigns targeted to warm leads (people who have already engaged in some way with your company) are much more likely to become customers.

Remarketing not only delivers better results than cold campaigns but it’s also great for user retention and brand awareness. While a user who has been targeted for remarketing might not necessarily convert the first time round, in making sure that users see your product or service more than once, you will be insuring that when they do decide to make a purchase, your company will be the first that comes to mind.

If you’re not remarketing, you’re missing out.  Get in touch and we’ll help capture that extra business