A couple of weeks ago Matt and Josh (the office’s SEO guys) took a trip to the Link Love conference organised by Distilled. One of the speakers there (Rand Fishkin) whilst talking about viral marketing, mentioned a particularly successful example. This example was The One Dollar Shave Club – a company with a pretty simple premise – for $1 a month you get a razor sent right to your door. The company and the concept behind it, is pretty cool itself but it’s the viral marketing behind the company that has propelled it onto social networks and it’s the viral campaign that has got people talking.

One Dollar Shave Club

The pure awesomeness of this viral marketing campaign made me want to track down some other great examples – so here they are. Some you’ll have probably seen many times, some probably not.

dollar shave club viral marketing campaign


Signs – A Schweppes campaign

This lovely viral campaign is an example of how to create an amazing video and how to grip peoples interest. The majority of the viral campaigns I’ll include later in this list are snappy, quick and to the point. They grab your attention and then hurl you forwards into the campaign. The “Signs” campaign is quite the opposite – it builds your interest gradually and slowly until the gorgeous climax at the end. And trust us – even though 12 minutes seems like a long time, you won’t want to switch off.

Signs Campaign


The Tippex Bear

The Tippex Bear is one of those Viral campaigns that was so totally brilliant that you just kind of sit there and wonder how the creators even thought of it. If you’ve seen it, you know why it’s on this list. If you haven’t seen it – I don’t want to ruin the surprise so just follow the link below. I don’t want to say any more in case I ruin it!

Follow this link to experience the Tippex Bear ad:



The Samsung HD Camera Trick Viral Campaign

This great little video was to promote a new HD camera. During the video the guy holding the camera does a little geeky magic trick and then propositions the viewers to guess how it was done. It’s pretty cool (especially if you’re a camera geek like me). UNfortuantely if you haven’t seen it yet, the secret has now been let out. You can still have your guesses though!

HD Trickery


Old Spice Guy

We all know the old spice guy (we’ve seen him on TV riding horses backwards) but he always private and personal dedications to people via Youtube. The whole idea behind the viral campaign is utter genius and not only means people are communicating with the brand, but means they’re referring people over to the brand too. Plus he’s very funny.

Old Spice Guy


Blendtec – Will it blend? 

Ever wondered if you could blend your iphone in a standard food blender? Me either. Until I watched this video. Based on the pretty simple concept of “Will it blend” this company released a series of videos of their blenders blending things – that had been suggested and volunteered by their fans and customers.

Will it blend?