For anyone that’s been living in a box for the last year, Google’s Panda update is here (has been for a while) and impacts anyone that runs a website. When we talk about algorithm updates, you can almost immediately see eyes glaze over and the dread of a complicated technical explanation of what’s changed. Fortunately, there’s a really easy way to explain all of this by telling you what you shouldn’t be doing:

1. Scraping Content. If your site entirely consists of content from other authors that you just scrape and repost then you’re not adding value to the internet and therefore Panda will affect you.

2. Running an ugly site. If you’re a visitor then how good a site looks really matters… so Google cares. Loads of ads? Horrid looking layout? It’s time to fix it. Invest some time and effort into making things look nice, reduce the amount of adsense units, and generally tidy things up.

3. Posting rubbish content. Article spinning and paying people who barely have a grasp of English to write your content is no longer a valid strategy for running a content site. Focussing on creating amazing pages with images, video and text mixed together to create a work of art is the future. People will love you for it and, in return, you’ll get social traffic and more links.

In essence, whenever you add a new page just think of the Panda. If you think you’ll make him angry, don’t hit ‘publish’.