It’s 31st October on Wednesday, so what better subject for this week’s Infographic Monday than a collection of Halloween Infographics, or I should really say Hallowe’en (that’s the pedant in me!).  Halloween has inspired many a fancy dress party, trick or treating, books, TV programmes and of course some epic films – the most famous being Halloween itself, but also some other classics like The Blair Witch Project, Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare before Christmas, to name but a few.  It’s a thriving industry – in fact, despite the tough economy here in the UK, the British public are spending more this year than ever before..  So, on to the infographics:


1. Freakynomics Halloween Infographic

Given it’s just one evening per year, the $8 billion that Americans are expected to spend this year on Halloween is phenomenal.  In the UK it’s about £300 million, which is 25 times what it was 10 years ago.  Clearly, despite the gloomy outlook, we do like a good excuse to dress up and party and that apparently also includes our pets these days!

Halloween Freaky-nomics

by Pronto.Browse more data visualization.


2. How to Zombie Proof your House – Halloween infographic

I love this infographic.  Land mines, explosives, chain link fences and escape tunnels might be a little unpractical – and in fact in the case of land mines and explosives ever so slightly illegal – so please don’t try this at home folks!  But if you can find yourself a robotic sheep, some bags of marbles and a few flashlights (sorry, torches..!), then you could be off to a good start to zombie-proofing your house ready for Wednesday night!


How To Zombie Proof Your House

Infographic by


3. ‘Appy Halloween Infographic

I couldn’t go another week without a techy / geeky related infographic.   I love the idea of dressing as a playable pac-man machine..  Where to start?  Actually, I googled it and here we are – a pac-man machine costume..  I think it needs a little more than a yellow t-shirt to go with it though..