Inspired by Felix Baumgartner’s jump this weekend, we thought we’d look at human records this week for Infographic Monday.  Breaking records is something that has inspired and fascinated people for generations – anyone old enough (like me) to remember Record Breakers with Roy Castle and the McWhirter brothers?  Unfortuatnely my childhood dreams of entering the Guinness World Record Book have yet to be realised!  But anyway, on to our Infographics for the week:


1.  What Can Be Done in 10 Minutes Infographic

Having mentioned the Guinness World Records,  lets have a look at some of the human records from there, as well as some other interesting facts on what can be done in 10 minutes.  I’ll steer clear of the 10 minute workout though, thanks!


What Can Be Done in 10 Minutes

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2.  Land Speed Records Infographic

As a bit of a car ‘nut’, Land Speed records have always fascinated me.  1997 was the last time the Land Speed Record was broken, although watch this space as the Bloodhound SSC team prepare to try and beat that record – by breaking 1,000 mph. That could make this startlingly linear graph less startlingly linear – its prediction was 999 mph by 2030!  Also interesting to see that, as it stands today, a man propelled only by gravity has broken the sound barrier, yet a man on land propelled by rockets hasn’t!


Land Speed Records

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3.  Epic Gaming Records Infographic

And I couldn’t leave out another great list of human records.  Here are some epic gaming records.  I’m very definitely an old-school fan here.  I couldn’t tell you what any of my personal records were for those games, although I am pretty sure that I never played Space Invaders for anywhere near 38 hours and 30 minutes in one stint!  Anyone out there got close to or actually beaten any of these records?