The new James Bond film, Skyfall, premiere’s tomorrow at the Royal Albert Hall, so what better topic for our Infographic Monday than 007!

There are great ‘favourite’ debates when it comes to 007, of course. Who’s your favourite James Bond? Which is your favourite Bond film? Who’s your favourite Bond villain? Who’s your favourite Bond girl? Favourite soundtrack? Favourite car? Favourite gadget? I could go on – do feel free to add your comments below on any of these topics and questions.  In fact, maybe they are subjects for more Electric Dialogue polls (note to self).

So here goes with a few infographics for the week:

1. The Best James Bond Vehicle Gadgets Infographic

I’m a car fan and a gadget fan, so what could be better than combining them in one infographic with a James Bond theme?  Of course, as far as I’m concerned, there is only one true Bond car – the Aston Martin DB5, although I’d happily settle for an Aston Martin Vanquish or DB12.  One day….  And as for gadgets, the old revolving license (sorry, number) plates, I used to love as a kid!

Driving Licence To Kill: The Best Bond Vehicle Gadgets

Infographic from


2. How Much Does James Bond Cost the Taxpayer Infographic?

It’s expensive business being James Bond.  I wince every time he crashes an Aston Martin and as we all know he has expensive tastes in gambling, drinks, watches, clothes and of course, women.  So in today’s world of austerity and cuts, its great to see that there’s still an appetite for extravagance amongst viewers, albeit fictional.  If it weren’t fictional, though, here’s what James Bond might cost the UK taxpayer:


How Much Does James Bond Cost The Taxpayer?

Infographic from Fancy Dress Costumes


3. Dollars and Bonds Infographic

I’m not saying this is an indication of who is the best James Bond, but if you divide the total profits by the number of films, Sean Connery comes out on top by a healthy margin – although, granted, being the first Bond, his films have been around a little longer.   Anyway – here’s a breakdown of the box office success by Bond actor.  They make some pretty good margins on some of these films – the original budget for Dr. No, for example, was $1million.  It’s worldwide gross takings at the box office are close to $60 million. If only I could replicate those sorts of margins in our business!


Dollars and Bonds

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