The subject is Politics this week for our Infographic Monday.  With a succession of UK political conferences in the last few weeks here in the UK, we thought it was particularly topical.  Some of us here in the office are a little geeky when it comes to politics (others couldn’t care less!).  However, with the announcement that David Cameron will finally have his own Twitter account (@david_cameron), social media, in particular will be sure to be taking even more of a front-seat that it has already done in UK politics.

One thing that really struck me, when researching this blog post was how few political infographics there were in the UK, compared with the US, although the Lib Dems seems to have produced a few!

So here are our Infographics for the week:

1. The Social Media MP Infographic

Unsurprisingly, the vast bulk of content distributed by MPs in the UK is via Twitter, some of it insightful, some of it not so and some of it gaffe-prone!  Interesting, the predictions are that we may see a rise of MPs using other social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram – we will be interested to see how this pans out in the coming year!  Any thoughts / comments?


The Social Media MP by @yatterbox

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2. The Politics of Valentine’s Day Infographic

Not strictly speaking just about politics, but it makes interesting reading..  Lib Dem females, followed by Lib Dem males are the most romantic of voters, it appears.  Labour and Conservative voting males are the least romantic, it seems.  And as for the most romantic overall – male lawyers!  Who’d have thought!
Infographic: The Politics of Valentine's Day
The Politics of Valentine’s Day by Free


3. The London Mayoral Election Infographic

A few months ago now, but an interesting infographic nonetheless from The Huffington Post.  From a factual point of view, it’s interesting (although unsurprising) to see the disparity of views between business owners and employees.

HuffPost/LinkedIn Mayral Election Poll