Getting to Know You

When we first meet a new client, we will take time to get to know you, your industry, your competitors and your customers.  We listen and discuss your plans and goals for your digital marketing. We will review your current activity, and that of your competitors and come up with our recommendations.

This might include looking into your Google Analytics results, analysing the impact of previous search or social media advertising you’ve done, checking what your competitors are up to, reviewing your organic content marketing and for e-commerce, looking at how your onsite sales are performing.

We usually do this through meeting you for an initial consultation and then taking a little time to prepare our report and suggestions.  We conduct this part of the process free of charge.

Presenting Our Proposal

After our first meeting, we’ll set a date to come back to you with your report and suggestions. These can be detailed and include various options to suit your budget, goals and team size so it is good to discuss them face-to-face.

A shorter meeting this time, we’ll come back and talk you through the findings of our review and the activity we would suggest for the first few months of your campaign or project.

If it’s a one-off project, such as a website build, we will include a breakdown of the timings and cost for the project.  If we are looking at a longer term agreement, so that we provide digital marketing services for you on a monthly retainer basis, we can look at what is affordable for you and which activities should be our priorities over the first 3-6 months of working together.

Getting Started

Once we have agreed a plan, we’ll ask you to formally accept our quote and then we can get started. We’ll make sure you know who is managing your account, but also introduce you to any other specialists at Electric Dialogue who will be working for you.

Most likely, several of our team will be involved in providing your services so that you have access to the most up-to-date, qualified and experienced team members for each of the activities you pursue.  For example, when we take on a new project, we will often recommend that our SEO specialist conduct a full organic SEO audit of your site, working with our User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) consultant who will review the site for those aspects.

Together these reports and recommendations will make sure the site is easy to find, easy to use and that it converts visitors into customers at every opportunity.  Once your site is doing all it can to be found organically, and performing well for its visitors, it is time to start driving traffic!

Building Your Campaigns

As soon as we are all happy with the site adjustments, we’ll start on any advertising activity. Building campaigns on the Google Search and Display Networks, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels takes time and we make sure we plan for that upfront.

We’ll talk to you about the best graphics to use, select the most effective keywords and audiences, write your ads, advise on budgets and get them up and running, A/B testing with different versions until we find the most effective combination for your business.

If you are also combining Email, Content or Affiliate Marketing, we’ll work that into your overall schedule to ensure you’re not doubling up or wasting budget with overlap, and that all your activities complement and support each other.  We can do this whether we are running all your activities, or by teaming up with other agencies you use.

Monitoring and Optimising

Whatever we do for you, whether it’s PPC ads, Paid Social Media, Web Design, SEO, CRO, Content Marketing, Email Marketing or a combination of many activities, we continually monitor and optimise your campaigns, usually reviewing results several times a week, often every day in the early stages.  We can informally let you know how things are going week by week and will provide a full report monthly or at the end of a specific campaign.

Checking this frequently means we can address issues like expensive keywords that are taking up too much budget, low converting audiences or ad copy, channels that do not work as well as others or impact from competitor activity and make sure you really get the most from your budget with us.

It goes without saying, that we also stay on top of changes within the industry and will keep you informed, and your campaigns adjusted to test and take advantage of any new channels or opportunities as they emerge.

We’ll make sure we meet with you every few months and stay in good contact to talk these ideas through and keep everything running as effectively as it possibly can.  As a valued client, you’ll also be invited to our free Update Seminars, bringing you information on all the recent changes in Digital Marketing, not just those relevant to your immediate business.

A Holistic Approach to Digital Marketing

At Electric Dialogue our team is well placed to look after all aspects of your digital marketing. This means we can review each activity we undertake in the wider context, plan the various channels to complement and enhance each other and make sure the most effective communications take place on the the right channels at the right times.  It also means that if one campaign is not working as well as it might, we can tell you and move your budget to other activities that will deliver better ROI (unlike agencies who specialise in one aspect, who’d have to basically fire themselves if that channel stopped working for you!).

Whilst we prefer this holistic approach, sometimes we do just look after one aspect for a client, such as their Website or Pay Per Click ads, and if so, we are more than happy to work with other agencies to ensure the whole adds up to more than just the sum of its parts.

If that approach, or a variation on it, sounds like it could work for you, get in touch and we’ll start the process.  We look forward to getting to know you!