We Make Sure your Marketing Works!

At Electric Dialogue we aim to stand out from our competitors by ensuring that the marketing activities we provide, manage and support really drive business through our clients’ websites and digital marketing – however large or small the project. We don’t just do things because they look good, are on-trend, are easy to implement or because everyone else is doing them. We do them because they will bring in the right kind of business to our clients. Our core values reflect this approach.

Listen and Understand

We will take time to understand the full context of your business, your wider as well as specific goals, what’s going on with your industry, who your audience are and could be. We’ll put time, energy and passion into researching and getting to know you and your market when we start working with you, and as our relationship develops

Be Effective

What we do has a real, measurable and significant positive business impact to your business. Emotionally, financially and practically, hiring Electric Dialogue will always be worth the investment, and we will evidence that.

Challenge, Inspire and Innovate

We will listen to each client’s needs, but we will also act as a critical friend and let you know if there might be a better way to address the problem. We’ll challenge your current activity (even if we’re doing it!) and make sure you are always at the forefront of digital marketing, making the most of new channels, tactics and developments as they emerge.

Look at the Big Picture

We pride ourselves on our holistic and ethical approach. Whether we are looking after just a small part of your marketing, working alongside other agencies or your in-house team, or we take on responsibility for your whole marketing plan, we’ll always consider how the work we are doing interacts with the rest of your activities. If we’re setting up advertising, we’ll make sure it takes people to a web page that is easy to use and converts customers. If we’re running multiple campaigns for you, we’ll check that they boost and support each other. If one strand is working better than another, we’ll tell you and adjust the plan. Our close team, each an expert in their own field, always work together to make sure your campaigns are run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Expertise and Enthusiasm

We love what we do. Each of us has expertise and experience in our specialist marketing fields and we work together to share that knowledge to boost our client’s marketing ROI. We never stop learning, following changes in the industry, staying at the forefront of new opportunities and passing that information on through our recommendations, our training and our optimisation of your activities – making sure we are superstars at our jobs, so you can get on with being superstars at yours.

At Electric Dialogue, we listen to our clients but are not afraid to challenge you. We know our stuff, and will get under the skin of your business to make sure everything we do brings in a healthy return on investment.