Paid search, otherwise known as PPC or ‘Pay Per Click’, is the process of bidding to appear in search results, on the display network and/or within Google Shopping results. Our PPC team are analytical and data-driven; nothing is left to guess-work, as we are able to constantly test, monitor, adapt and optimise. As a Google Certified Partner, we have a proven track-record of delivering highly successful PPC campaigns for a range of clients.

Unlike organic search (SEO), PPC is able to deliver instant results. New customers could be finding your website within seconds of a campaign being set live. However, perhaps the greatest benefit of PPC is the almost unparalleled ability to measure and report return on investment (ROI). By installing conversion-tracking on your website, we can quickly understand the value of each PPC visitor to your business.

Keyword bidding

The most widely known form of PPC is bidding against keywords and phrases, so that your website appears in the paid search listings (i.e. above and to the right of the organic results) when users are searching for those terms. User relevancy and intent is key. Keyword bidding is not necessarily focused on volume, rather it is about is about isolating the audience that are most likely to convert, whilst cutting out wasted clicks from users who won’t.

With the data that we have available through analytics software, we are able to monitor campaigns in micro-detail, meaning that we can guide your budget into the highest performing areas to maximise ROI.


Remarketing is the process of displaying advertising creative across a variety of mediums to bring non-converting customers back to your site to complete their purchase. Naturally this work helps to increase conversion rate, but it also ensures that you’re making full use of your marketing spend.

While managed by the paid search team, remarketing work encompasses a range of mediums including social media, banner advertising, email remarketing and more. We do this by installing a small piece of code on your website, and tracking the details of visitors who depart your site prior to converting. By capturing their data (such as their e-mail address), we can set up retargeting adverts to display to them as they visit websites on the remarketing network, or by sending them follow-up e-mails.

Google Shopping

Google shopping is effectively image-based search marketing for retailers. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s this philosophy that leads Google Shopping to be so powerful. Displaying compelling product images to users based on their online search terms is an incredibly effective way of standing out in the search results and encouraging conversion.

There are many benefits to this kind of work, one of which being that Google Shopping is traditionally a lot cheaper than classic keyword bidding campaigns. It is a great revenue stream for any size of business – especially when used in tandem with other marketing channels.

At Electric Dialogue, we can help to develop the technical capability of your website to run Google Shopping, or assist your in-house developers by providing technical specifications to develop a feed of on-site products for Google to display. We will then manage the process for uploading these products to Google, and optimising the bidding process to ensure a strong return on investment.

Google Grants

Google Grants is Google’s version of AdWords for non-profit organisations. If you’re a registered charity, successfully applying for Google grants will give you a free advertising budget of up $10,000 each month to spend in AdWords. This amazing scheme allows non-profit organisations to target search users that are most relevant to them, helping them to raise the visibility of their website and attract thousands of relevant visitors each month.

Many charities do not know about Google Grants and, furthermore, many do not have the time or expertise to set up and run the campaigns. Therefore, we are working with charities like you to help you to take advantage of this massive opportunity.
If you work with us, we will set you up on the Google Grants program, and manage your campaign on an ongoing basis. Each campaign we create is uniquely designed to enable you to reach your objectives, and drive as many relevant visitors as possible to your website – all for a very small management cost.

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