Getting honest SEO advice is difficult, and we should know – we have years of experience in delivering successful SEO campaigns for a wide variety of clients. No matter what sector you operate in, there are no quick routes to the top. Unlike paid search, visibility in organic search results is not immediate, and must be earned over the course of a long-term campaign.

SEO is constantly changing. Google makes hundreds of updates to their search algorithm every year, and our success has been built on our ability to predict these changes and adapt our methods. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and doing things the right way, so you can rest assured that the results we deliver are long-lasting and durable.

Bespoke SEO campaigns done the right way

Today, SEO doesn’t have a “one size fits all” solution. Nor is it about trying to trick the search engines with false signals and manipulative links, which will often deliver seemingly impressive short-term results, but at the expensive of long-term success and your reputation. SEO requires a far more strategic approach based on your industry and business goals, hard work as we implement ethical SEO strategies, and patience as the effects of our work accumulate to deliver fantastic results.

Our approach to SEO

SEO Audit

When working with any new client, we will start with a full SEO Audit of your site.  This will include:

Keyword research
The first step is to establish where the opportunities are. Keyword research helps us to understand what your customers or target audiences are looking for. We are then able to focus our strategy and recommendations around those key themes – guiding what we communicate and how.

On-site optimisation
Search engines are robots. Intelligent robots, but robots nonetheless. It is therefore important that your site is clearly communicated to search engines, which we do by providing them with relevant content in a way that they can easily understand and deliver to search engine users.

We conduct a detailed technical audit of your site, looking at wide range of elements, such as website architecture, content depth, accessibility, page-load speed, duplication issues, broken links and key on-page signals etc. We’ll also look at how your site performs internationally, if overseas viewers are important to your business.

From the audit, we pull together a list of actions and recommendations, which we then work with you and/or your developers to implement. The result is a website that maximises your ability to rank and attract relevant traffic.

Driving traffic
On-site optimisation can only carry you part-way to achieving your targets. The other side of SEO is based around effectively ‘attracting’ links from high quality websites. Google views links like ‘endorsements’, with sites that generate a higher amount of relevant backlinks generally ranking higher in the search results.

At Electric Dialogue, we refuse to manually build links to our client’s websites. This is a dangerous and unethical strategy that often leads to sites been scrutinised by Google’s web spam team. By comparison, our work focuses on the development and implementation of high quality, relevant and shareable content.

Content marketing
The objective of content marketing is to produce high quality content that helps to raise the visibility of your site and attract the interest of your audience. Through this method you can also generate social shares, improve site traffic and increase your ROI.

Designing and marketing great content involves a range of digital marketing channels, including social media, copywriting, digital PR, web design and development. We use a wealth of information available online to build marketing campaigns, based on in-depth audience and competitor research across various platforms.

Much like traditional PR, content marketing is a fantastic way of communicating your key messages directly to your audience. It’s no wonder that some of the world’s largest brands (Microsoft, Coca-Cola, P&G etc.) invest in this work!

The ED content marketing process
As with all of our strategies, we will sit down with you initially to understand your audience, brand, and industry. We carry out detailed research into the current market and your competitors to ensure that we have identified any opportunities to increase the visibility of your brand.

Once research has been completed, we set out an editorial schedule along with content proposals with clearly defined aims and KPIs. Although these are agreed with you initially, we continue to keep communication channels open to encourage your input and ideas.

As content is being created, we lay the foundation for its marketing and promotion by liaising with key online influencers and/or building campaigns for paid distribution. A combination of these efforts is ideal for raising the visibility of new content to a relevant audience, and can generate both immediate and long-terms results for you.

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