Does your website look great but fail to deliver?

Do you find yourself explaining to customers how to use it?

Digital Marketing ultimately aims to drive traffic to your website. User Experience (UX) is all about making sure that when they reach it your customers find your website engaging and easy to use. They should find it pleasant to visit and easily manage to achieve what they set out to do, whether that is purchasing a product, contacting you with an enquiry or finding out more about your company. If they can’t do that, they will leave the site quickly and often never return.

Sorting out your UX will improve conversion rates and can quickly uplift the revenue your site brings into your business. More of the visitors you are getting will become customers which means you can be confident in spending money on acquisition such as Search or Paid Social Advertising, knowing your site will deliver when the visitors arrive.

Good UX will also help your Search Engine Optimisation. A  lower bounce rate and longer dwell times resulting from improved UX will help tell Google you are a good, relevant website that they should send more traffic to and increase your quality score, which helps with both paid and organic acquisition.

Our UX Process starts with a full audit resulting in a list of recommendations. We can then either implement these for you, or work with your existing web team.  We can do a UX audit on your existing site, if you are not ready for an upgrade, or even better, make sure you have all your UX plans in place before you develop a new site. It’s never too late to sort out your UX, but earlier is perfect.

Our User Experience review will typically look at: navigation and structure, site speed, mobile optimisation and other technical factors then combine this with research of your target market, how you expect them to use your site and how they actually do behave when they get there.  Using technical tools, analytics data, research of your market and our in-depth experience of web psychology and behaviours, a full UX and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) process can lead to a significant uplift in online sales. Our experienced team have achieved up to 50% increases in conversion after our UX and CRO recommendations have been implemented.

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